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Mastering Home Page
Mastering is the process of taking one or more final mixes, and turning them into a truly finished sounding product. If you were merely to transfer your songs directly onto a CD without going through the mastering process, and then directly compare it to your CDs at home, you would most likely be surprised at how "unfinished" it really sounds.  

Mastering is also the process of helping finalize the artist's vision of how the CD should end up sounding. After all, it's YOUR music! So I encourage my clients to bring in a few CDs from their home collection that they like, thereby serving as a "direction" to head towards. In this way, mastering can help to further the artist's original vision. Mastering is as much an art as a science.
Mastering is also serious business. A properly mastered CD means you have gotten the absolute maximum potential out of your recording project, and hopefully it will now compare favorably with the best sounding CDs in your collection (as well as other people's collections!). Anything less than that means you have wasted a lot of money. And I don't mean just in the mastering process, but the ENTIRE recording process that led up to it.
The Mastering Test
Bring to me a song you are considering mastering.  It can be on a CD, or you can send it to me as a .wav or .aif file (not an mp3) over the internet using my dropbox.  Also, send me two or three samples of songs from commercial CDs that you love the sound of.  The samples can be in Apple’s iTunes Plus format (AAC at 256k), which is the default import setting in iTunes.  So if you haven’t changed the import settings in iTunes, those should be good to go.  I will use those as a reference.  I will send you back a sample of what I can do.
Assuming that you like what you hear, we can proceed form there.  
About Me
All mastering work is done by myself, Mark Dann. There are no interns here! In addition to being a mastering engineer with twenty-plus years of experience, I am also a conservatory-trained musician (Manhattan School of Music & Mannes College of Music), so I bring both a technical understanding as well as a varied musical background to the projects I work on.

I have mastered many hundreds of full-length records and CDs over the past twenty-five years (credits), so I come to this with many years of experience. If you want to know more about me, you can check out my bio, a work in progress...
I have evolved a process for mastering which is very efficient in both time and expense, and which also allows for maximum artistic input from the artist.
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