Mark Dann Recording
Mastering and Recording Studio
212 941-7771 - NYC USA -  email: Mark107 at

Recording & Music Production

Mixing & Mastering
Most of my work these days is mixing and mastering
(although I still do more than my fair share of start-to-finish projects). 
I can work from any computer-based, stand-alone recorder, or tape-based format.
I can take pretty much anything you have, and turn it into professional sounding, finished product. 
I have mastered thousands of recordings over the past twenty plus years.
I can bring this expertise to your recordings.
Check out the Mastering Home Page.

Hear samples of my work on my Artists & Audio Samples page.

Mixing and/or Mastering Test
Interested in seeing what kind of magic I can do with your music?  
Send me a song you are planning to have mixed and/or mastered, and I will send back to you a short excerpt.  
Please also include two or three samples of other songs that you love the sound of, 
and that you wish your song would sound as good as.  
I will use them as a reference, along with references of my own. 
The easiest way to send me files is here.
Please also email me and tell me who you are, 
as well as whatever comments you have regarding your music.